Meet the Maker

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am the creator and maker behind Brim Shoppe. I originally hail from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, but now reside in Toronto, Ontario with my husband and our four year old daughter, Aila.

After retiring from my first career as a professional dancer in 2008, I returned to school to study fashion. Today my full time job is as an assistant costume designer working in film and television. I spend my down time designing and creating for Brim.


Our Story

Brim was born out of a deep need to reconnect with myself after becoming a new mother. In the fall of 2016, my daughter was about six months old when I dusted off my vintage 1970's metal singer. It wasn’t fancy, but it did the trick.

I wanted a winter bonnet with a brim for my daughter and there wasn’t anything on the market like it, so I foraged through my closet and dug out an old wool skirt to cut up and paired it with a Sherpa blanket we were no longer using. As soon as I began to cut and sew the pattern pieces, something shifted. I realized it was the first time in months I was taking time to do something strictly for me.

When I was done I was so excited I could hardly wait for Aila to wake up from her nap and pop it on her head. It wasn’t the best fit and the ties were too short, but in that moment it didn’t matter. I had stirred the creative side of myself I was worried had gotten buried under the chaos of new motherhood. Shortly after other local moms started asking if I could make them bonnets too and buzz began to build. I opened my very modest shop on Etsy and from there it grew. Making became my self care.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet and forge friendships with customers and see Brim items be passed from one babe to another as you grow your families and make life long memories. Thank you for being here and choosing to shop small.


Vision for Brim Shoppe

My goal is to create timeless, heirloom pieces you will treasure for years. When I am creating I am driven by three major things – Fabric, function and quality. Working primarily with natural fibers I strive to create pieces that both you and your kiddos will love.